How to use the NZ Chart Catalogue spatial viewer.

Introduction to charts

Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCS) and 'Paper Charts' are official nautical charts designed for marine navigation and meet carriage requirements. 

'Charts' refer to all chart types, including paper charts and ENCs.

Panning and zooming

To pan around the map, drag with the mouse.

On a touchscreen device a two-fingered slide motion will pan to a new location on the map.

To zoom in or out of an area on the map using a desktop, you can:

  • use the '+' or '-' buttons, or
  • press the 'Shift' key and drag across the area you're interested in, or
  • press the 'Ctrl' key and use the mouse scroll, or
  • double-click the area you're interested in on the map.

On a touchscreen device you can zoom in and out with 'pinch' and 'expand' motions.

How to search

In the ‘Search & Filters’ box on the right you can: 

  • search for a specific chart title or number
  • filter by chart type, region, ENC usage and Paper chart scale.

You can use a combination of the filter options to refine the number of charts displayed. 

Once you’ve entered your search term and selected your filters, click on the ‘Search’ button.

Your search results will be displayed in the ‘Filtered results’ box and you can select a chart to view on the map or the list. 

For more detailed information you can click on the ‘View chart details page’ button in the list.

Search by title or chart number 

Enter the title or number in the search field – a drop-down list will appear with the charts that match your criteria. The search includes keyword searching.

Select a specific chart of interest and it will be displayed in the map view. 

For more detailed information you can click on the ‘View chart details page’ button in the list.

Filter by type

To display only ENCs, select the 'ENC' check box. To display only paper charts, select the 'Paper chart' check box. 

Both ENCs and Paper charts can be selected at the same time to display paper charts and ENCs.

Filter by region

Click on the arrow in the ‘Filter by region’ field to reveal the drop down list and select the region you are interested in.

Filter ENCs by usage 

Click on the arrow next to the ‘Filter ENC by usage’ heading and select the usage type you need.

Filter paper charts by scale

Click on the arrow next to the ‘Filter paper charts by scale’ heading and select the scale you need.

Resetting your search

To reset your search, click on the arrow icon in the top left of the Filtered results box.

Switching between LINZ Aerial Basemap and OpenStreet map views

To switch between the layers: 

  1. hover over the ‘Layer’ icon in the top left of the map
  2. select the radio button for 'OpenStreetMap - Standard' or 'LINZ Aerial Basemap’.


To print, use the keyboard controls:  CTRL + P. Depending on screen size and resolution, it is recommended to zoom or pan your area of interest to the top left of the of browser, prior to printing.